Lawn Treatments in Evansville, IN

How can I improve the health of my lawn?

Are you struggling with an overgrown and weed-infested lawn? VanBeck Services offers a range of effective treatments to revive your property and restore its lush green appearance—Trust VanBeck Services to transform your lawn into a healthy and vibrant oasis.

Our personalized program starts with a consultation, assessment, and soil test to measure your lawn and evaluate its requirements accurately. With this information, we can prioritize your lawn's needs and offer a comprehensive report of our results and a plan to attain a lush green, thick, weed-free property. We provide top-notch lawn care services, including lawn fertilization, weed, and vegetation control programs, soil assessments, insect and grub control, and lawn aeration and overseeding. Our team takes great pride in delivering nothing but the best care to ensure your lawn stays healthy and vibrant.

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Our commitment is to provide exceptional service to all our clients.

At VanBeck Services, we don't just talk about customer service - we truly value your business and are committed to exceeding your expectations. Our dedicated team is proud to offer additional visits to your lawn, free of charge, between your scheduled appointments. We don't require any contracts, and if you ever need to cancel our service, there won't be any hidden fees or penalties.

Lawn Treatment Services We Offer

We are excited to offer you a full lineup of services. Click on each service below to view a shining example. Visit the project gallery to view all examples of our work.

Crab Grass Control

Weed Spray



Over Seeding

Flea/Tick/Mosquito Spray